Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fried Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce

I hardly cook fish because I always think it is too troublesome to wash and scale the fish. Even though the fish monger can clean it up, I often wonder if it is really clean?, is there still some stuff in the fins? or is the fish fresh ? etc. Due to this fear, whenever I am in a supermarket, I will likely just walk fast past the fish area to avoid the stench of the fishes, or I would stand infront of the fish area, looking from fish to fish wonderding which I should buy. Usually ending up with nothing.

When I was in Dallas, I realized that and easy way to cook fish is just to buy the fish fillet. I think Americans are used to buying just fish fillet vs the whole fish, unlike in Malaysia. Chinese folks love to eat every part of the fish, the head, the eyes, the tail, everything!

For me.... as a Chinese I am on the other spectrum of fish eating, I only eat the fish meat and please let it be a fish with little bones. So I was pleasantly pleased that I can easily get fillet for nearly any fish I wanted. It is really convenient, no major washing required and best of all, no fish bones!!!

It was really simple to cook to make this dish.

Deep fried the whole fish fillet. Scoop it up on to plate.

I made some black bean sauce by stir-frying some sliced onions and ginger, then add the black bean sauce (available in all Asian Groceries Markets) and some water. Let it boil for 5 minutes.

Pour the sauce on the fish and there you have it. Simple and fast Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Korean Tofu Soup

From young, I had very little exposure to Korean food in Malaysia. Since I have been back to Malaysia 6 months ago, I have seen more Korean restaurants mushrooming in KL but I must say that the Korean restaurants in USA are pretty good. Maybe it is due to a larger population of Koreans residing in States. Infact my favourite Supermarket in Dallas where I stayed is a Korean supermarket named Super H Mart.

I can get just about any Asian groceries there and it provides a really pleasant shopping experience. It naturally has a wide selection of Korean delicacies.

Thus my dish for this posting is Korean inspired. My cousin KC told me about the quick and easy way to make Korean Kimchi Soup by just getting a ready pack of soup ingredients. It comes with a packet called Tofu Broth Seasoning. It is really easy to make. All you have to get is the rest of the ingredients.

I used a pack of soft tofu, one egg, some shrimps (you can add others eg. chicken, squid etc), thinly sliced cabbage or lettuce.

Put water ( approx. 3 Chinese bowls) to boil in a pot . Add in the seasoning, the vegetables and the tofu. Let it cook and simmer for 3 minutes.

Add in the shrimps since it takes shorter time to cook. Let it boil and just before you switch off the gas stove, break one or 2 eggs into the soup.

That's all. My easy to make Korean Tofu Soup is ready! Yum!

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