Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Wannabe Hong Kong French Toast

Hong Kong French Toast. This is one of my favourite dessert. Never mind how fattening it is?!!
You only live once and once in a while, you just gotta indulge!

The real thing!!

Basically it is 2 piece of bread, with a heavy peanut butter filling, dipped in egg+milk, deep fried to perfection and top off with condensed milk and a big serving of butter.

In my usual "gung ho" experimental self, I was determined to indulge by making "the homemade version" one fine morning when I was in the States. You gotta bear in mind, it is homemade, and I definitely strived toward a healthier option - just so I feel less guilty about making and eating it. So, my wannabe Hong Kong French Toast may not look the part, BUT what matters is the taste! You gotta give me credits for effort right?!! :)

My super wannabe real thing :)

So, with the photo above, you may say it is a far cry from how an original HK French Toast, but really I just could not bring myself to deep fry the bread so I kinda just pan-fried my french toast instead. This is the one of the realities that I face when I cook at home vs eating outside - how much oil, butter, sugar, salt etc that I have to use just to make the dishes taste and look great. So honestly, sometimes I rather just eat outside, so I don't have to feel guilty preparing the dish at home.

How to make my homemade version of my wannabe Hong Kong French Toast. I could not find any recipe on google, so this is how I interpreted the way to make it.

Simple ingredients :
Slices of bread (4-6) - tips - please use day old bread vs fresh bread.
Eggs - (2-3)
Milk - 1 cup
Butter - as much you desire
Peanut butter (for bread filling)
Condensed Milk (to drip over the bread)

As usual, my creativity got the better of me so I made a new edition too - French Toast with Ham and Cheese for the filling.

How to make? goes!

Firstly, mix the milk and eggs together. Add some sugar if you want a little sweet taste. Mix well and keep aside.

Next for the bread...fill up the bread with peanut butter and butter for the Hong Kong French Toast.

For the Cheese and Ham French Toast, just place a slide of cheese and ham on the other bread.

Next is just to soak the bread in your earlier mixture of egg and milk. This is the reason why you have to use day old bread cos if the bread is fresh and soft, the bread will be soggy really fast when you soak in the egg+milk mixture. So best to use, bread that is a little hard.

The real way of making Hong Kong French Toast is to deep fry the whole bread in oil. Like I said, I just could not imagine myself doing it. I could feel my body growing 2 inches everywhere just thinking about it. So, I opted for "hopefully in my mind" a healthier option - just pan fry with a small amount of butter.

Ok, fire up on moderate.... butter in the pan.

Bread toast on to the pan. Flip both sides.

Voila, it's ready! Hmmm yum....the cheese was just melting, the bread is just right with the mixture of egg and milk. yum yum yum!

As for my Hong Kong French Toast...I must say I am proud of my effort. It may not look the part (compare above and below picture) but what's important is that it does taste the part ...err a bit la and I console myself that I made a healthier option, less oil, less butter, less condensed milk version!

I will leave the superb looking version to the restaurants. I feel less guilty, just munching it down versus making it myself.

For the home-made version, I am contented with my own "Wannabe Hong Kong French Toast".

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