Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Miracle of Golden Raisins and Gin to treat arthritis

It's hard to say whether you want believe this or not. But this is a natural, easy and free "remedy" which is gaining strong credentials. If you are one with arthritis pain and discomfort, there is no disadvantages of trying this remedy. Just do a search on the net and you will find many testimonials.

All you have to do is consume 7 - 9 of these specially prepared raisins and many has confirmed that it relieved them of their arthritis pain.

My mom has had arthritis for a long time. It is getting worse especially on her knees. When I told her about this remedy, she was most willing to try. It is such a simple homemade remedy, that you can start immediately.

All you need a 2 simple ingredients :
1. Gin
2. Golden Raisins ( Don't ask me whether the purple raisin works, I just follow the instructions and it requires golden raisins and I don't question when it comes to old folks remedies)

Simple Steps :
1. Fill the golden raisin into a pyrex bowl, pan or dish.

2. Cover barely to the top of the raisins with gin

3. Let it sit for 7 to 10 days until all the gin has evaporated and the raisin are fairly dry. It is fine if they’re slightly moist.

4. Storage : You can refrigerate when absorption is complete and the gin has dissipated.

Once the gin dries up, all you need to do it eat 7 - 9 pieces every single day and pray that it works! Oh yeah, don't ask me why just eat 7 - 9 pieces, I really don't know but apparently even if you eat more it will not yield better or faster results.

Honestly, there is no official research conducted regarding this special recipe. Some say the aromatic juniper oils of the gin in combination with the sulfer and antioxidants within the raisins help with inflammation. But no one claims to know for sure.

If one can make and use this raisin recipe and receive arthitis pain relief, then it surely is something to consider trying! I for one am willing to try and prayfully it works for my mom. She has started to take it but she is not diligent to eat everyday so it's time I be a discpline master and moniter her intake!!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Minced Meat "Loh See Fun" 老鼠粉

For those who have no idea what is "Loh See Fun" I can bet you won't like the literal translation either. "Rat's tail noodle" - how can anyone name food after a rat? But hey, if we can have a much loved rat/mouse cooking Ratatouille, I guess we should be able to take a noodle named after rat's tail :).

I can only guess the origins or how the name came about. Generally a long time ago, many Chinese would name items based on what it resembles and usually it takes the forms of animals, nature etc. So I guess, "Loh See Fun" which is a form of rice noodles, had the look of a rat's tail. I have so far seen 2 types of "Loh See Fun" - the one in my pic above are short and stubby but there is also another which look like longer strands of noodles only white in colour.

I am from Seremban, a state in Malaysia and I grew up eating Loh See Fun, a very popular dish. The ones found in Seremban are the longer strands but when I moved to KL, I discovered that they served the short and stubby ones but both are as delicious. This is my first attempt in cooking it at home.

The ingredients required are simple.

1. One pack of loh See fun - this is usually readily available in all wet markets in Malaysia.
2. Minced Meat (Pork) - marinade with salt, light soya sauce & a dash of pepper
3. Vegetable - Taugeh (Bean Sprouts)- Usually not required but I decided to add some taugeh since I have some at home.
4. Minced Garlic - about 3-4 cloves.

Simple Steps :

1) Firstly, 2 tablespoon of oil in wok to stir fry the minced garlic till fragrant.

3) Add minced meat and stir fry till cooked. Add one tablespoon of dark soy sauce. This will add colour and taste to meat. Add some water to make sauce base.

4) When ready, add in the loh see fun. Actually, beforehand there is no real need to wash the noodles but I usually put the noodles in a strainer and just let tap water run through the noodles. Please do this right before you wanna cook the noodles, if not it may get soggy. Mix well to bend with the minced meat sauce. If you feel the noodles are not dark enough, just add a bit more of the dark soy sauce.

5) Last step, just add the Taugeh (Bean Sprouts) and stir fry for another 2-3 minutes. Voila, it is ready to be served.

6) There you go, a simple and easy dish of Loh See Fun or not so famously translated as "Rat's tail noodles". Let me assure you..Yummy!

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