Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spaghetti with Special Tumeric Cream Sauce

Before I cook, I usually go thru a whole thinking process, what I am going to cook?, what's in my fridge?, what are the leftovers?, how to mix and match?, what should I cook first, then next etc to maximize time and importantly not to have to wash the wok / pan so many times.

I love to minimize the effort and by thinking thru step by step, I personally feel that it makes my cooking simple and satisfying!

So remember my Chicken in Special Tumeric Cream Sauce. I made a lot more of the sauce required due a slight error but my brains started the thinking process and what I could do with it and for what dish.

I love it when a light bulb lights up in my head. I had the perfect solution on what to do with the cream sauce and I could not wait till the next day to make it :).

Zeng zeng zeng....I decided to jazz up some spaghetti with my special tumeric cream sauce. OMG! it was so yummy yummy!

All I did was to stirfry some garlic and prawns in a some olive oil, add in the tumeric cream sauce, simmer for 5-10 mins. Toss in some cooked spaghetti.

Oh la la...another meal ready within minutes!!

What do you think? Yummy? you just have to take my word for it! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Chicken with Special Tumeric Cream Sauce

A twist of Asian and Western. I don't know what was the inspiration but I knew that I wanted to make something close to the butter cheese cream sauce I've eaten many times in Malaysian Seafood restaurants usually served with crabs.

I decided to go for a slight twist with Tumeric and chilli in cream sauce with chicken. No Cheese. But using sour cream. Luckily it turned out well despite squeezing in too much lime!

This is an definite indulgent that will add pounds to my buttocks but was yummy and infact I made more creamy sauce to be used for another dish later. So much for my diet! What diet??!!!

Let's eat!

Ingredients :-

1) Chicken breast - cut in cubes, marinade with salt, pepper and a little starch flour.
2) Butter - 200gm
3) Tumeric powder - 1/2 Tsp
4) Chilli paste - 1 tsp
5) Sour cream - 300gm
6) Water - half a cup
7) Half a small lemon or lime (juice) - 1 tsp

Simple steps

1) I stir fried the chicken first till cooked with some garlic.

2) Next, put the butter in the hot pan, add in the tumeric powder and the chilli paste. Mix well.

3) Then add the sour cream, add water and mix together. Let it simmer for 5 mins. You will get a lovely bright yellow creamy sauce. Squeeze in half a lime or quarter of a small lemon for a zesty taste.

4) Put in the cooked chicken cubes and let it simmer for another 5 minutes. It's ready to be eaten.

5) It goes extremely well with rice and even bread.

Since I made a lot of this cream sauce, errr... actually because I added too much lime, I had to add more water and sour cream thus I had double the sauce that I needed for the chicken.
Thus I kept the sauce for another lovely dish. Wait for my next posting yeah!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Maxim's Palace : Hong Kong's best dim sum

I must confess, I did not have very high expectations of Hong Kong food when I first reached there. I thot...hey Malaysia's food is pretty fantastic...hmmm probably all the reviews on Hong Kong's food were overated.

It's good to have low expectations cos it can only go up, right? And Hubby-D and I were pleasantly surprised by our food finds. Read here and here for previous posting on Hong Kong Food Finds.

Thanks to Michelle who brought us to Maxim's Palace for the most delicious dim sum I've ever tasted. Ok, I can't really describe why the food is so good, so you just gotta try it yourself but all I can say is that there's something special about dimsum in Hong Kong!

Like all popular eateries in Hong Kong, please be prepared for at least 30 mins wait before a table is available for you. But it is definitely worth the wait cos when you get a table it means it's DIMSUM time!

As you oogle over my photos, just imagine each and every piece of fresh, delicious, succulent delicacy teasing your eyes, nose, lips, tougue and mouth.

Prawn Dumpling - Fresh, succulent prawns in super thin wrapper

Steamed Radish Cake in Superior Stock

Tender pork & prawn meat in tofu wrapper

Lotus leaf glutinous rice - Oh my! This was superb!

Pepper Salted Octupus ("Chew Yim") - Crunch, crunch! Yum Yum!

Scallop Onion Rice Noodles

Prawn wrapped in rice noodles

Yam Puff with meat fillings

Just imagine super yummy taste ok!

BBQ pork puff - melts in your mouth!

Egg Tarts - One is not enough!

Purple Sago Dessert

Sweetened Egg Loose Floss ("Tang San")

Maxim's Palace
Chinese Restaurant
No.566-570, Level 5, Metroplaza,
Kwai Fong, N.T.
Tel : 24206933
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