Welcome to My Simple Food. I am Ivy, Malaysian Chinese living in Dallas, USA.

Firstly let me say I am not a great cook nor a good baker. But I have a passion to learn and improve my culinary skills and that's how this blog started.

I want to document my food journey, all the triumphs and also misses. My blog will help share my simple dishes with you and hopefully to get some helpful improvements tips back. It serves as a reminder to myself on the recipes I made so that I can easily refer to it when I make the same dish again.

You will find step by step cooking photos (most of the time) and most of the recipes are really simple to make for a hearty meal. My recipes are mostly Asian inspired, you will find mainly home cooked Chinese dishes and a lot of Malaysian favourites. I grew up and lived in Malaysia for more than 30 years. Love brought me to America and now I am nicely settled in Dallas with my husband.

My Hubby-D Jeh, is the unfortunate guinea pig for all my cooking experiments. He is supportive and encouraging on all my cooking triumphs and mishaps. His waistline may be protesting a bit but upper half body has a stronger control to the lower half so he's still eating. :)

Join me on my food adventure. The recipes are simple and easy to follow for anyone who would like to try Asian cuisines at home. If not, well....you just have to try again. That's what I do.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the useful recipes!

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