Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Yummylicious year ahead!

Hello everyone,

Sorry for long silence during this festive hols. I was on holiday so my blog took a break too. :)

I can't resist showcasing these beautifully crafted minicupcakes. Oh my! So festive! So cute, irresistable! And definitely too cute to be eaten. It was definitely a wonderful gift I received to usher in the Christmas and New Year holidays. Check it out on the website below.

For me, it's been a wonderful holiday and I hope that everyone had a great time celebrating Christmas and new year with family and friends. My holiday was filled with love....

My Hubby-D came back from the States ( I have not seen him for 3.5 mths) and we had a great time in KL, Ipoh, Singapore and also a terrific holiday getaway in Hong Kong. Oh my Oh my...all the food we ate!! Goodness, I don't dare to weigh myself on the scales, I am sure I have gained at least 2-3 kg over these few weeks!! Ho! Ho! Ho!

It's alright, food is to be enjoyed, both Hubby-D and I will just have to start dieting soon so that we can eat more! :)

I will be updating my blog with more of my food adventures. So tuned!
Meanwhile, I wish everyone a very Happy Yummylicious Year Ahead! I pray for a good year ahead and may there be more and more food for all to be enjoyed every day.


Anonymous said...

oh my!! the cupcakes are just too beautiful. Happy New Year!

Audrey said...

Hi! Hi! Missed your postings, glad to have u back! The cupcakes are simply beautiful, too beautiful to be eaten.

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