Monday, June 21, 2010

Buttered Prawns Recipe

Growing up, my family is not into seafood like prawns, crabs etc. Likely due to the fact that literally everyone in my family has high cholesterol. So cooking seafood with the exception of fish are rare at home. Usually we order seafood only when we eat out.

I love buttered prawns. I usually order the dry buttered egg prawns while eating out and I would be enjoying every strand of the buttered egg strands and try to minimize taking the prawns. Yummy!

I tried cooking that at home once but I realized it just required too much oil and too much work. Net I failed.

So the next alternative is to make buttered prawns with gravy. Sinful but delicious.

Simple ingredients :
1. 8 - 10 Big Prawns (keep the shells and head intact). You can use tiger prawns.
2. 1/2 Stick of Butter (60gm)
3. 200gm Evaporated milk
4. 3-4 Small chilies (chilli padi)- reduce if you cannot take the spice
5. 5-6 strands Curry leaves
6. 2-3 cloves oof garlic (chopped till fine)
7. 5 tablespoon of oil for frying

Simple steps
1. Heat oil and fry the prawns with some curry leaves till fragrant. Remove and keep aside.

2. Remove oil, put in the butter, fry the curry leaves, garlic for 2-3 mins. Make sure low heat.

3. Pour in the evaporated milk. If you like it thicker, you can add a bit of corn starch mixture. Continue to stir.

4. Once the buttered sauce is boiling, put in the fried prawns and let the sauce fully mix with the prawns.

Ok heart, prepare yourself for a yummylicious meal. Ok, ok, I will go for a jog tomorrow morning! Meanwhile, dig in!!


babe_kl said...

i hvnt try cooking this even it seems simple :p i can imagine how nice to dip mantou into the buttery sauce

mysimplefood said...

Babe_kl - You are absolutely right... wish I had mantou, I will be slurping down the broth. :)

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