Monday, December 1, 2008

Home-cooked dishes - Restoran Ping Wah

In Malaysia, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to food. From cheap to expensive, from bland to spicy, from night to dawn - essentially anytime, anywhere, anything.

However, sometimes after eating out so often (eating out is quite a norm in Malaysia), we crave for home-cooked dishes. I have just the one place to recommend if you want to eat out but yet craving for home-cooked dishes.

Situated in Paramount PJ (Petaling Jaya), it is right opposite the Giant Supermarket. To be clearer, imagine if you are facing the entrance of Giant Supermarket in Paramount, Restoran Ping Wah is on your right hand side.

For as long as I can remember, probably more than 10 years, the restaurant has been there. Everytime I go, I am always been greeted by a bubbly old man. I have not been there for probably 9 months and this time when I went, he was not around. I asked and they said he has retired. Good for him!

There are few dishes that are extremely popular in this shop. Best of all....they cook it like dishes that you would normally cook at home.
Firstly, everyone who comes, would definitely order the house specialty. Deep fried fish with soy sauce. This dish is so simple but yet it is so yummy. The fish is fried to perfection and the special soy sauce goes extremely well with the fish. Trust is so yummylicious, I can almost finish the whole fish by myself. They also have ample of deep fried garlic strip to enhance further the flavour of the fish. You must order this dish when you go ok!

Next I order another simple home-cooked dish - Steamed mince meat with salted fish. Hmm hmmm super yummy...goes so well with rice, you can take 2 big bowls of rice just with this dish!

The last dish I ordered was just a simple Baby Kailan dish - stir-fried with garlic. Simple enough but yummylicious.

I went there with a good friend Choos and since there were only 2 of us and we already ordered 3 dishes, we had to stop our greedy mouths from wanting to order more. And yes, we did want to order more!! But I stopped her. Have to "jaga badan" (diet, diet)

There are more home-cooked specialties at Restoran Ping Wah. You must also try their Steamed 3 eggs which consist of normal egg, salted egg and century egg.

Another super yummy dish that you can order is potato with pork. This dish is definitely a home dishes. My mom and grandma cook it at home all the time. Infact, I have taken on the tradition to cook this dish too. You can find my recipe at Please click here.

Let me know if you have been there.


kingtiger said...

Awesome. It looks home cook and yet available in a restaurant. Good find.

mysimplefood said...

kingtiger - is yummy...

rokh said...

you mean i can get my potato pork fix here! must go hehe

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