Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Steamed minced pork with salted egg

A simple yet easy to make dish for dinner or lunch. After posting my recent dinner at Restoran Ping Wa and remembering the steamed salted fish minced meat, I found the inspiration to cook something similar at home. I did not have salted fish but I decided to use a better alternative...Salted eggs.

I have to confess, I love salted egg and I especially love love........the egg yolk. However, when I was in the States, I honestly did not find any fresh ones. I bought the pre-packed salted eggs from the Chinese supermarkets but to my dismay it ended up to be perserved boiled ones.

Can anyone tell me if I can get fresh salted eggs in the States? :)

This is simple dish of Steamed minced meat with salted egg. I was just happy to be able to get fresh salted egg. Look at how beautiful and orange the egg yolk is.

Simple ingredients -

1. Minced meat (200gm)
2. Salted egg yolk
3. Chopped preserved radish (optional)
4. Fried shallots

Simple Steps :-

1. Place all ingredients in a plate. The salted egg yolk maybe a little difficult to break up as it is sticky. Add some salt, soy sauce and pepper and mix well

2. Steam for 15 minutes in high heat. And it is ready! Simple and fast.

Best served with rice or porridge (congee).


Jun, IndoChine Kitchen said...

This is really my favorite. However, we always use Tianjin preserved cabbage. I will certainly try this variation.

Thank you for dropping by my site.

mysimplefood said...

Hi Jun - Hi! This dish is really tasty and just opens up the appetite. Love your site too.

xin said...

looks so tasty! i love steamed minced pork but have never tried with salted egg, let alone fresh one...i have never seen it locally too! weird.

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