Sunday, February 22, 2009

The deafening silence...

Hello everyone.....

So sorry for the silence. No real excuse for the lack of blogging but to blame my Hubby-D. :) :) yikes...naughty me!

Here's the story, I am back here in Malaysia and he continue to work in the States since September'08. He came back home for Christmas and New Year holidays and we had a great time together, spending time with families, friends and a plus a wonderful getaway to Hong Kong. So for the whole month (mid Dec-mid Jan), ooops no blogging. Hey...I am spending quality time with my alright to blame him for me not blogging right.

He has gone back to the States since mid January (boo hooo, sob, sob). Somehow, since then I could not get my momentum to start blogging again. Hours pass, days go by, weeks and then I realized oh gosh it going to be 2 months. I gotta start blogging again!!!

Morever I have no excuse cos I have been complaining to my girlfriends that I am so bored, so bored.... and really I am feeling bored out of my wits (even when I am doing something) and to top it off, I am feeling lazy. How do you solve that? I am bored but I am lazy to do anything. This is going to be a downhill spiral!

Ok...I gotta take my lazy life back in control. No more complaning and whining about my boring life. Let me start blogging again. Thanks to all for have been visiting consistently. I am back and will be sharing more of my food adventures. I will start with the wonderful food galore of a time that me and Hubby D shared in Hong Kong. We really had a great time munching away...ohhh yummy yummy! More stories to come.


Ladybird said...

Hi Hi! Glad that you are back.

mysimplefood said...

Hi Ladybird - Thanks! yeah! it is good to be back. Hope u enjoy my new postings.

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