Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hungry in Hong Kong? Where to eat?

Yes!!! Please be hungry in Hong Kong cos there are just so so many delicious food. When me and Hubby-D were in Hong Kong to celebrate the new year, we both wished our stomach could grow another one so we could fill more food in. Wishful thinking! We were there for 4 days 3 nights and did not visit many places but sure thing, we made sure we hit some popular spots for the best food.

Here are a list of where to go for yum yummy Hong Kong best delicacies!

1) Roast Goose @ Yung Kee Restaurant, Wellington Street, Central

Roast Goose, an absolutely popular dish in Hong Kong and the one place that many would recommend any tourist to go is Yung Kee Restaurant at 32 Wellington Street (at Lan Kwai Fong). Yung Kee acquires fame for its gourmet specialty-Roast Goose. Read about the history of Yung Kee, click here.

Yung Kee Restaurant is a huge (5 shoplots and at least 3 story high) restaurant. Please remember to call and book a table. Initially we thot we will just go over and wait for a table but luckily we called to book a table. We called at about 12noon and by then the earliest table we could get is at 9.45pm!!! I could not believe it, dinner is usually over at 9.45pm but we could only get a table at 9.45pm?? Wow! We quickly reserved the table!! :)

It is not my first time having roast goose in Hong Kong but I can't really remember what the previous experience was like. So this time, I sat down, patiently waited and build up the anticipation of how delicious it will be. And seriously, it did not disappoint.

The skin was super crispy and the meat was tender and soft. I guess it is very close to roast duck but I find the goose's meat a bit lighter and a bit more tender. It was a little fat though but I guess that added to the succulent taste! :)

So, you must hit Yung Kee restaurant when you are in Hong Kong. It is really easy to find and it is so convenient, after dinner, you can enjoy the night life in Lan Kwai Fong!

2) Wan Tan Mee @ Mak's Noodle Ltd (77 Wellington Street, Central)
Tel: 2854-3810

Next, if you are hungry after all the partying, you must go to this restaurant for the best "Wan Tan Mee" (Shrimp Dumpling Noodles). It is located at Wellington Street too and all you need to do is walk further up the street. It is called Mak's Noodle Ltd located at No. 77 Wellington Street.

Hubby-D and I were really excited since we heard this is the best "Wan Tan Mee" and it was also featured in many food magazines and reviews. We waited in anticipation for our order to come and to our surprise, it was such a small bowl - just a normal rice bowl size. I was thinking, if I was really hungry, I think I can finish the bowl in 3 big slurps! :)

Ok, I was not that hungry and not to look like a total glutton, I savoured the special wan tan mee slowly. Both me and Hubby-D have high praises for it as we felt it was really really good compared to another shop we had the day before. I guess quality is more important than quantity. The soup was tasty, the shrimp dumpling were succulent and fresh and the noodles were just right. Yum!!

Oh course, my Hubby-D decided order one more bowl which he reluctantly shared with me :)

3) Egg Tarts / Polo bun @ Kam Wah Cafe (金华冰厅) - Mongkok

Our Malaysian friend Michelle (she and husband are residing in Hong Kong) took us to Fa Yuen Street or also known as "Sneakers Street"which is a street of shopping stalls selling shoes, clothes, mostly sportsware, accesories etc.

Then we stopped by this shop with a big crowd outside...all waiting for the fresh egg tarts and polo buns.

When there is a crowd, it means good food!! Yummy! Although we were still very full from lunch.....but we were not going to give this a miss. We were not greedy so we waited in line for just one polo bun and 2 egg tarts! I know...pathetic right but seriously, it was all our stomach could take and we just wanted to taste to satisfy our curiosity.

Verdict - Thumbs Up!! Double Thumbs up! It is hard to describe why it was so yummy, but it the taste was just super yummy.......... hot hot right out of the oven!

Kam Wah Cafe (金华冰厅) is a "char chan teng" located at 47 Bute Street, Mong Kok (太子弼街47号地下). It is nearby the Prince Edward (太子) MTR Station.

4) BBQ Pork "Char Siu" @ Joi Hing BBQ 265-267 Hennesy Road,Wan Chai
Tel: 2519-66395

We saw this restaurant in a food magazine and since we have half a day before our flight on the last day, we decided to venture into Wan Chai to find this shop. Rated as the best "Char Siu" in Hong Kong, we were determined to satisfy our taste buds. It's street address is 265-267 Hennessy Road Wan Chai, but the restaurant is actually on Stewart Road, next to Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant.

Hubby-D and I walked along Hennessy Road but we found 263 and then the next street was 270. Hmmm, we turned down the street and we saw a shop with a lot of BBQ pork, chicken, roast pork, we took a chance and sat down. Luckily it was the right shop!!

We ordered one plate of their famous BBQ pork (char siu) and one plate of Roast Pork (Siu Yok) plus a side of Roast duck.

Verdict - Good but that great. There are some restaurants in Malaysia that serves even better Char siu but nevertheless both Hubby-D and I were extremely pleased that we found the place and ate a hearty meal before we flew back to Malaysia!!

I am dedicating my next posting just purely for Hong Kong dim sum! Stay tuned!


Peb said...

I've been to Yung Kee....roast goose delicious!

Michelle Chin said...

Yung Kee serves really lovely goose. And Kam Wah's polo buns and egg tarts are divine!

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