Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Maxim's Palace : Hong Kong's best dim sum

I must confess, I did not have very high expectations of Hong Kong food when I first reached there. I thot...hey Malaysia's food is pretty fantastic...hmmm probably all the reviews on Hong Kong's food were overated.

It's good to have low expectations cos it can only go up, right? And Hubby-D and I were pleasantly surprised by our food finds. Read here and here for previous posting on Hong Kong Food Finds.

Thanks to Michelle who brought us to Maxim's Palace for the most delicious dim sum I've ever tasted. Ok, I can't really describe why the food is so good, so you just gotta try it yourself but all I can say is that there's something special about dimsum in Hong Kong!

Like all popular eateries in Hong Kong, please be prepared for at least 30 mins wait before a table is available for you. But it is definitely worth the wait cos when you get a table it means it's DIMSUM time!

As you oogle over my photos, just imagine each and every piece of fresh, delicious, succulent delicacy teasing your eyes, nose, lips, tougue and mouth.

Prawn Dumpling - Fresh, succulent prawns in super thin wrapper

Steamed Radish Cake in Superior Stock

Tender pork & prawn meat in tofu wrapper

Lotus leaf glutinous rice - Oh my! This was superb!

Pepper Salted Octupus ("Chew Yim") - Crunch, crunch! Yum Yum!

Scallop Onion Rice Noodles

Prawn wrapped in rice noodles

Yam Puff with meat fillings

Just imagine super yummy taste ok!

BBQ pork puff - melts in your mouth!

Egg Tarts - One is not enough!

Purple Sago Dessert

Sweetened Egg Loose Floss ("Tang San")

Maxim's Palace
Chinese Restaurant
No.566-570, Level 5, Metroplaza,
Kwai Fong, N.T.
Tel : 24206933


Hubby-D said...

This is the Best!

Tali said...

OH MY GOD!!! I love cheung-fun and har gau dumplings... in london there are few places who make this stuff good. You order pretty much the same stuff as me!!!

My favourite is turnip cake but here the pork somehow tastes too strong!

mysimplefood said...

Must try in Hong Kong!! Authentic!

Anonymous said...

hi babe, wad time it open? how do i get there? which mtr station and which exit? hope you can help me

Anonymous said...


those are not yam puffs in your photo. cantonese name is "hum shui kok" (literal translation is salty water dumpling). the pastry is chewy, made of glutinous rice flour, definitely not yam.

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