Saturday, October 18, 2008


Isn't it exciting??!! I am now the proud owner of

Ever since I started blogging a few months back with, it has been a truly enjoyable journey to make a difference even with my humble and simple recipes. Thanks all for your support. I really appreciate all your feedbacks and comments.

My wonderful hubby-D has been encouraging me to get my own domain. We decided to give it a shot. I will be the author and he will be my technical support and the guinea pig for my cooking adventures. I could not get and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I then decided that I will start a new food blog and maintain 2 sites.

Therefore, will continue to be my first baby and I will continue to share my simple recipes with step by step photos and instructions on how it was prepared.

Updated July 2010 - In my on and off pursuit of blogging and trying to maintain 2 blogs is obviously not working out. Therefore will just be the solely showcasing the recipes of what has appeared on my new baby will capture all my passion for food, from restaurants that I visit, food that I eat, food from my simple garden and definitely simple dishes and recipes from my simple kitchen.

Looking forward to all your support!

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