Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tribute to "Cili Padi"

I am dedicating my first food post to the hot fiery chilli padi.

Known as bird's eye chilli peppers in USA, these little fiery creature is a force to be reckon with and definitely not for the "light mouths". Going down the wrong nostril could sent firemen rushing to put off the fire which shoots from the mouth to the nose and then up to your ears and head.

It is a commonly found in Asia used in dishes and also as a dip or condiment. It is also known as cili padi (Malay), cabe rawit (Indonesian), phrik khii nuu (พริกขี้หนู, literally "mouse shit chili"), Thai Hot, Thai Dragon (due to its resemblance to claws), Siling Labuyo (Filipino), Ladâ, and Boonie pepper (the Anglicized name).

I have grown to love "cili padi". It just adds a kick to my taste buds and I love the way it gives my mouth a fiery feel. My love has transformed to a "must have". A must have whenever I am having noodles and even rice with dishes. There is something about these little chopped "cili padi" with a splash of soy sauce.

So when I moved to the States six months ago, one of my first gardening task was to grow a my own "cili padi" plant. I was amazed that the few seeds (taken from the insides of the chilli pepper) just thrown on the soil, sprouted many little baby plants. As they grew, I picked a few strong plants to be planted on my little vegetable plot. They grew and grew and one day it sprouted some flowers and my little baby chilli padi were borned.

I am now a proud mama of my chilli plants though my Hubby D is taking care of them now as I am back in Malaysia.

Trust me....a little hot fiery "cili padi" would give you a kick out of any meals you are having.

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