Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kurau Fish

This must a popular Malay / Chinese fish. It's Malay name is Kurau and in Chinese it is called "May Yau Yee". I found out that it is called treadfin in English but I have not seen this fish sold in the States. Maybe it has a different name..anyone knows? Infact, I thought that kurau is it's English name as it is commonly called in Malaysia.

This is a popular fish for the Chinese community as it is considered mid to top range fish. It is often used in porridge. It's meat is thick and juicy and the flesh is sweet.

I like this fish simply stir-fried with a little oil. You can smell the fragrance of this sweet juicy fish as it is in the oil. And it is yummylicious. Also it has little fish bones which is my main criteria when it comes to fish.

Simple ingredients -

5 tbsp oil for frying
1 sliced kurau fish (around 300gm), lightly seasoned with salt
Sliced ginger
Chopped garlic
Dip for fish- chopped raw garlic, red chillis, and soy or fish sauce.

Simple Steps -

1) Heat oil in wok. Ensure oil is not but not burning (no smoke). Pat fish dry before putting into oil. Fry one side about 5-8 minutes before turning over. Dish up when ready.

2) With remaining oil, stir-fry garlic and ginger till fragrant and put on top of fish. If desired, drop a few drops of fish sauce on fish and serve. Ready to dig in!


Dreamzzz said...

I remember eating this when I was young. Whenever my mom fry this fish, the kitched actually smell yummy!

Kang L said...

that's exactly the way my mum used to make 'em , great post brought back memories of home :D

mysimplefood said...

dreamzzz and Kang - Hi! Thanks for visiting. I am glad my post brought back memories.

Steve said...

Hi This would be Groper, also known as Hapuka...cheers

SG Food Fad said...

Kurau is also known as Threadfin fish.

Mias Mysteron said...

In Chinese it is 马友鱼 (mǎ yǒu yú)

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