Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Hubby-D made Marble Cake

I am really proud of my Hubby-D. I can't believe he followed my recipe and he made Marble Cake all by himself.

My confession - I kinda feel really guilty. I left him by himself in the States a month ago to come back to Malaysia. Suddenly, he is left without his "wonderful" wife (ahem, ahem, moi) who prepares a hot dinner for him everyday. When I was in the States, I also picked up baking and he was my guinea pig to taste my baking experiments. He will be coming back to Malaysia in December but meanwhile, he would have to fend for himself. "Sorry Hubby-D, I promise I will make it up to you!"

We were talking on the phone last week and I suggested to him to bake my marble cake recipe since I have a lot of butter left in the fridge. I was surprised that he enthusiastly agreed. I was kinda worried as he has never baked before, so I cracked my brains to tell him roughly what he needed to do over the phone. I told him to refer to my blog posting on as I have posted the step by step recipe on how I made it the first time.

I was skeptical that he will do it but when I called him the next day (morning), he was in the kitchen baking (evening in the States)!! Wow! I could not believe it, he was actually baking for the first time.

Hubby-D followed my recipe step by step and he said it was easy. Infact, he said it tasted really yummy too. I am so proud of him. He will have to make it for me from now onwards. :)

Please follow this link to see my recipe for marble cake. Btw, I use muffin cups for my marble cake so that I get individual portions which is a great way tip for convenience. No need to cut the cake. If you never baked before, do try...cos if my hubby-D can make it, then it must be really easy.


fatboybakes said...

harlow, thanks for dropping by!!!
wah, ur hubby sounds like a kindred spirit.......... men who are not afraid to bake

Motor Engine said...

Thanks you Wifey-M for posting your Hubby-D amateurish marble cake. I had a really good time mixing the ingredients and baking the cake. It really tasted moist and yummy. ha ha ha...I think I got some baking magic from you through osmosis.

mysimplefood said...

Hi Fatboybakes - Yeah...I like men who knows his way around the kitchen!!

Hi Hubby-D - I am really proud of you. Kiss Kiss!

Small Small Baker said...

Hi, I have tagged you for a meme. Check out my blog and have fun!

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