Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clear Fish Head Mee Hoon (simplified leftover version)

Remember that I packed back the crispy fried fish head from my meal in Oriental Pavilion Jaya 33. Seriously I am not a fan of fish head. I am so a fillet person. But for most Chinese, the fish head apparently is the best part. Something about the soft juicy meat, blah blah blah...sorry I don't get it cos I don't like bones and can't stand to chew and then having to spit out the bones.

Since there was a leftover of a crispy fish head, I came up with a brilliant idea on what to cook with the fish head. FISH HEAD MEE HOON!! I only eat fish head bee hoon outside. Never attempetd to cook it at home. Main reason since I don't eat fish head, why would I buy fish head to cook? When I eat fish head noodle outside, it is more for the soup than the fish. Yeah yeah...I am a bit weird but I like what I like, can't change now.

I had the whole crispy fish head and even some of the fillet meat leftover. So, all I need now is to make the soup base.

It's simple as always. I sliced one tomato, some preserved salty vegetable and a bit of sliced ginger. Ginger is to remove the fishy smell out of the fish. And all I did was to put these ingredient and the fish head into a pot of water and just let it boil.

Let it boil for about 15-20 mins. Once fragrant, just add a bit of salt for taste. Pour the soup over cooked mee-hoon (vermicelli), place the fillets on top and there you have it. Simple and easy clear fish head mee-hoon. Best of all I did not have to cook the fish :)


Anonymous said...

Yum! Smart! I ate that fish before

xin said...

i have an idea too: try adding some yam into the soup as base when you cook meehoon soup/fishhead meehoon next time. the yam will thicken the soup and enhance it even more :D

mysimplefood said...

Hi Xin - thanks for your tip, I have heard that yam will sweeten and add a nice aroma to soup. I will definitely try it one day.

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